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Citation Analysis Seminar from AAP/PSP

**Posted on behalf of the AAP/PSP**

The Professional/Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Division of the
Association of American Publishers Journals Committee Presents

Citation Analysis & Evaluating Research Performance

The Impact Factor, h-index and Beyond

Well received in New York last November, this seminar will be
held in Washington, DCon July 23rd

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  Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

11:00 am- 3:00 pm

American Geophysical Union(AGU)
2000 Florida Avenue, NW
Washington, DC20009-1277

Who Should Attend: Anyone involved in journals publishing,
marketing, sales
or editorial management and strategy; librarians involved in
collection management.

The session will look at the current environment where a number
of metric tools are available to measure research performance and
trends.  Starting with ISI's impact factor which has been the
cornerstone of citation analysis for decades, we will also look
at some newly emerging methodologies - the h-index, Eigenfactor
and SCImago Journal Rank - that analyze bibliographic data in
different ways.  The indicators are used by many people
throughout the world of research and scholarship - authors in
deciding where to publish; funding agencies in evaluating
grantees and new grant proposals; administrators in making
hiring, promotion and tenure decisions; publishers in managing
journal quality and keeping abreast of new and emerging research
trends; librarians in managing journal collections and, finally,
the readers who want to know where to find reliable, high-quality
information.  The seminar will address the following issues:

Moderated by:

John Tagler, Vice President & Executive Director, Professional &
Scholarly Publishing Division, Association of American
Publishers, Inc..

1.  The basic metrics of measuring research performance

James Pringle, Vice President, Product Development, Thomson
-Impact factor, h-index, Eigenfactor, SCImago Journal Rank
-What do these metrics reveal?
-How can these be used reliably?

2.  How a publisher uses these metrics to manage a publishing
Christine Rullo, Publishing Director, Elsevier
-Assessing a current journal and/or journal program
-Case study/example of
       -Monitoring trends (emerging subfields, shifting dynamics,
geographic trends)
       -A pulse on the competition

3.  Using Metrics in Journals Marketing

Matt Price, Director, Sales & Marketing, American Chemical Society
-Positioning and promoting journals
-Case studies on a new and an established journal

4.  How does the library community view citation metrics?

MJ Tooey, Executive Director of the Health Sciences and Human
Services Library, University of Maryland
-Title selection/de-selection and balancing a collection
-Monitoring the impact of science
-Fostering collaboration and identifying cutting-edge research
-Assisting university administrators to understand the value of

Registration Fees:

-$195.00 AAP Members & Librarians
-$249.00 AAP Non-Members

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