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Project MUSE News: MUSE Releases Search and Custom Print Features

New Discovery Features, Sheridan Custom Print Now Available on 

Project MUSE is excited to announce two new features that help 
users more easily locate articles relevant to their research. 
MUSE also introduces a new option to custom print and package 
articles in MUSE journals.

The new features are:

-A 'Search this Journal' search box. This search box appears on 
each journal's home page, on the Table of Contents (TOC) of each 
issue, and on each article. The 'Search This Journal' feature 
enables a user to quickly check all issues of the journal in 
MUSE, with a single search, for all articles in that journal 
pertaining to a particular subject.

-Summaries (abstracts) for articles. MUSE now provides a link for 
the summary of each article. Users know that the ability to scan 
summaries of articles is essential to determining which articles 
are relevant to their research. That ability is now available in 
MUSE. The Summary links appear on the TOCs and in search results, 
next to the article format options of HTML and PDF.

New Option for Custom Print

Custom Print is a service provided by Sheridan Press that allows 
a user to click on a link from MUSE and purchase an article or 
groups of articles for the purpose of creating a custom 
publication. MUSE is one of the first online providers to 
activate this service. The user may choose either print or 
electronic format for the purchased articles. At this time, 
articles contained in 'The American Indian Quarterly' published 
by the University of Nebraska Press are the only articles in MUSE 
for which this option is available. On the article page, look for 
the link 'Custom Print' to initiate the transaction.

MUSE on Facebook

MUSE has been on Facebook for some time now, but we just secured 
our own URL and wanted to pass the word on to MUSE users. Find 
MUSE at www.facebook.com/ProjectMUSE. Become a fan of MUSE! You 
can also follow us on Twitter, @ProjectMUSE.

For any questions or comments about the new features, please 
email us at muse@press.jhu.edu.

Melanie Schaffner
Marketing and Sales Manager, Project MUSE
The Johns Hopkins University Press
Baltimore, MD 21218 USA