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Title: Keeping the Best in Challenging Economic Times: Evaluating 
and Assessing Collections for Cancellation Decisions

Description: Academic libraries are facing difficult economic 
times and many libraries will experience budget cuts. In these 
economic times, it is vital that libraries make well informed 
decisions on which resources to cancel. This program provides 
three current examples of serials cancellations projects at 
academic libraries. The program will provide information on using 
evaluation and assessment of library collections to make the best 
possible decision for journal and database cancellations.


Gerri Foudy, Manager of Collections and Scholarly Communications 
at the University of Marlyland at College Park

Paul Metz, Director of Collection Management at Virginia Tech 

Greg Raschke, Associate Director for Collections and Scholarly 
Communication at the North Carolina State University Libraries

Date and Location:

Sunday, July 12th from 3:30pm-5:30pm at the InterContinental 
Hotel in the Seville East room.

Cory Tucker
Head of Collection Management
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Phone: (702)895-2133
Fax: (702)895-2284
Email: cory.tucker@unlv.edu