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"Orphaned" Journal Now Secure in Portico

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"Orphaned" Journal Now Secure in Portico

New York, NY -- July 2, 2009 - Portico today announced that Pain 
Reviews-an electronic journal that ceased publication in 2002-has 
been secured, preserved, and made accessible through its digital 
preservation service.

Hodder Arnold published Pain Reviews online from 1998 to 2002. 
In 2006, Hodder ended its journal program and sold its list to 
SAGE Publications, except for Pain Reviews.  The title had 
already been discontinued and, at the time, there were no options 
for moving it into a managed digital preservation service.

Now, seven years later, Hodder has given Portico the right to 
preserve the title and to provide access to its nearly 500 
participating libraries around the world.

"This is an important development for libraries and scholars," 
commented Eileen Fenton, Portico's Executive Director. "There is 
volatility in the publishing market. Publications come and go, 
and titles that become orphaned over time need the kind of 
permanent preservation and care that Portico routinely provides 
for electronic scholarly literature. Our ability to ensure 
libraries will not lose access to content in the future provides 
all concerned -publishers, libraries and scholars-with the 
support necessary to transition securely to reliance on 

Portico has secured the original digital files from 
IngentaConnect (a Publishing Technology service), Hodder's former 
technology provider, and has migrated them to an archival format, 
deposited the files into the archive, and is managing their 
preservation including migrating the content to new formats over 
time.  The content will be removed from the Ingenta website. It 
has already been pushed out to the Portico delivery site for 
access by users at Portico participating institutions.

"This is an important step forward in the academic publishing 
industry's shift to e-resources," said Louise Tutton, Senior Vice 
President, Publishing Technology. "Very few publishers want to 
continue to spend money supporting titles that no longer deliver 
economic value or to invest in technology format upgrades for 
them, and titles cease publication every year. Shifting 
responsibility for these publications to entities like Portico so 
that libraries and scholars can be assured of long-term access 
makes good sense."

About Portico

Portico <http://www.portico.org/index.html> , a not-for-profit 
archive, preserves scholarly literature published in electronic 
form and ensures that these materials remain accessible to future 
scholars, researchers, and students. More than 10,000 e-journals 
and 6,400 e-books have been promised to the Portico archive which 
is supported by nearly 500 libraries worldwide and 71 publishers 
representing over 2000 scholarly societies and associations. 
Portico is a part of Ithaka <http://www.ithaka.org/> , a 
not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use 
digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to 
advance research and teaching in sustainable ways.