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RE: "Overlay Journals" Over Again...

The cost of our operation was discussed in an editorial published 
5 years ago by Ira Mellman, who was then the Editor-in-Chief of 
The Journal of Cell Biology: 

Mike Rossner
Rockefeller University Press

At 11:37 PM 7/3/2009, you wrote:
>So your publication costs are almost 7k per published paper,
>right?  That seems unusually high
>Sally Morris
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>Submission fees are not practical as the sole source of revenue
>for selective journals.  Based on our submission numbers for
>calendar year 2008, we would need to charge nearly $2,000 per
>submission to make up our revenue.  Two of our journals reject
>70% of submissions on the basis of review by the academic editors
>(i.e., they are not sent for external review), and the authors of
>those papers receive their rejection letters within a few of days
>of submission.  I do not think those authors would be pleased to
>pay $2,000 for such a result.
>Most journal publishers are in the business of trying to attract
>the highest quality submissions.  We are loath to levy any
>upfront fees that would discourage an author from submitting a
>Mike Rossner
>Rockefeller University Press