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SAGE Journals continue strong growth in JCR

***** Apologies for cross posting *****

SAGE Journals Continue Strong Growth in the Thomson Reuters 
Journal Citation Reports

Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore and Washington DC (June 
30, 2009) - SAGE, the world's leading independent academic 
publisher, is pleased to announce strong growth in the just 
released 2008 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports (JCR). 
SAGE has increased its number of ranked titles by an additional 
11%, with 68% of journals increasing their impact factor.

SAGE remains the market leader (by number of ranked titles) in 10 
categories, including communication, criminology, political 
science, sociology, and urban studies.

Highlights from the Social Science Edition include:

-An increase to the #1 ranking for Personality and Social 
Psychology Review, which doubled its impact factor to 8.500, the 
8th highest impact factor in the entire Social Science Edition
-An increase to the #1 ranking from 4th for Review of Educational 
-Field Methods, a key title in SAGE's renowned research methods 
list, is a new entrant at #5 out of 61 in Social Sciences, 

Highlights from the Science Edition include:

- A #1 ranking for Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair for the 
third year in a row
- The American Journal of Sports Medicine increased to #2 from #4 
in Sports Sciences and retained its #2 ranking in Orthopedics
- Medical Decision Making increased its impact factor by 33%, 
maintaining its #3 rank in Medical Informatics and moving to #8 
from #15 in Health Care Sciences & Services
- Integrative Cancer Therapies was a new entrant at #2 in 
Integrative & Complementary Medicine
- Surgical Innovation was a new entrant at #40 out of 148 in 

Seventeen journals were ranked for the first time, including six 
in SAGE's expanding portfolio in science, technology and 

"These achievements are the result of our commitment to building 
a high-impact list of must-have journals," said Alison Mudditt, 
SAGE Executive Vice President, Higher Education Group.

"This growth is a testament to the strong collaboration between 
SAGE and the editors of our journals." added Ziyad Marar, Deputy 
Managing Director and Publishing Director. "It is great to see 
our list going from strength to strength with these increased 
rankings and new entries."


Sheenagh McCarthy
Senior Marketing Manager
Library Group
SAGE Publications Inc