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ELPUB 2009: First Call For Papers, deadline Jan. 15th 2009

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ELPUB 2009 - First Call for Papers
Rethinking Electronic Publishing : Innovation in Communication 
Paradigms and Technologies
13th International Conference on Electronic Publishing

10 - 12 June 2009, Milan, Italy

Electronic publishing via the Internet is continuously changing 
its shapes and models, challenging traditional players to adapt 
to new contexts. Innovative technologies enable individuals, 
scholars, communities and networks to establish contacts, 
exchange data, produce information, share knowledge. Open access 
sources and commercial players make contents available for a 
heterogeneous audience in diversity of environments, from 
business to private life, from educational and cultural 
activities to leisure time, and in a large variety of devices, 
from personal computers to mobile media.

New opportunities and new needs challenge us to rethink 
electronic publishing, to innovate communication paradigms and 
technologies, to make information not just a flat equivalent of a 
paper but a truly digital format, to allow machine processing and 
new services, to face the future of mobile life. The ELPUB 2009 
conference will focus on key issues in e-communications, 
exploring dissemination channels, business models, technologies, 
methods and concepts.

We welcome a wide variety of papers from members of the 
communities whose research and experiments are transforming the 
nature of electronic publishing and scholarly communications. 
Topics include but are not restricted to:

- New publishing models, tools, services and roles
- New scholarly constructs and discourse methods
- Innovative business models for scholarly publishing
- Mobile distribution of e-contents, e-books
- M2M publishing services
- Multilingual and multimodal interfaces
- Services and technology for specific user communities, media, and content
- Content search, analysis and retrieval
- Interoperability, scalability and middleware infrastructure to facilitate
awareness and discovery
- Personalization technologies (e.g. social tagging, folksonomies, RSS)
- Semantic web, metadata, information granularity, digital objects
- Data mining, text harvesting, dynamic formatting
- Knowledge linking, discovery, presentation
- User generated contents
- Usage and citation impact
- Security, privacy and copyright issues
- Digital preservation, content authentication
- Recommendations, guidelines, interoperability standards

Author Guidelines
Contributions are invited for the following categories:

- Single paper (abstract minimum of 1,000 and maxximum of 1,500 words)
- Tutorial (abstract min. of 500 and max. of 1,000 words)
- Workshop (abstract min. of 500 and max. of 1,000 words)
- Poster (abstract max of 500 words)
- Demonstration (abstract max of 500 words)

See website for detailed author instructions: 
http://www.elpub.net. Authors of accepted papers will be asked to 
register to the Conference and present their work.

Key Dates:

November 15th 2008: Opening date for submission of abstracts.
January 15th 2009: Deadline for submission of abstracts (in all
February 23rd, 2009: Notification of acceptance of submitted 
April 6th, 2009: Deadline for submission of final papers.

All submissions are subject to peer review (double-blind) and 
accepted by the international ELPUB Programme Committee. Accepted 
full papers will be published in the conference proceedings. 
Printed proceedings are distributed during the conference. 
Electronic versions of the contributions will be archived at: 
http://elpub.scix.net and indexed by the major indexing agents.


The ELPUB 2009 conference will keep the tradition of the previous 
international conferences on electronic publishing, held in the 
United Kingdom (in 1997 and 2001), Hungary (1998), Sweden (1999), 
Russia (2000), the Czech Republic (2002), Portugal (2003), Brazil 
(2004), Belgium (2005), Bulgaria (2006), Austria (2007) and 
Canada (2008), which is to bring together researchers, lecturers, 
librarians, developers, business executives, entrepreneurs, 
managers, users and all those interested in issues regarding 
electronic publishing in a wide variety of contexts. These 
include the human, cultural, economic, social, technological, 
legal, commercial, and other relevant aspects that such an 
exciting theme encompasses.

Three distinguishing features of this conference are: broad scope 
of topics which creates a unique atmosphere of active exchange 
and learning about various aspects of scholarly communications 
and electronic publishing; combination of general and technical 
issues; and a condensed procedure of submission, revision and 
publication of proceedings which guarantees presentations of most 
recent work. ELPUB 2009 will offer a variety of activities, such 
as workshops, tutorials, panel debates, poster presentations and 
demonstrations. Social events and sight-seeing tours will also be 
available to participants (at additional costs). Please see the 
conference web site for details.

Conference Location: Milan, Italy. Milan is the largest 
metropolitan area in Italy, one of the largest in Europe: 7,4 
million population. It is the Italian capital of industry and 
business and well renowned as one of the world capitals of 
fashion and design. Milan is one of the oldest artistic centres 
in Northern Italy and its surroundings include the beautiful Alps 
and the famous Garda, Maggiore and Como lakes. All this makes 
Milan a perfect place for sight-seeing, cultural visits and 
exciting shopping, not to mention enjoying Italian food and 

Conference Host: The State University of Milan is the third 
largest university in Italy after Rome and Naples. The venue is 
the main building, in the centre of Milan, 3 minutes on foot from 
the Cathedral. It was made in 1450 under Duke Francesco Sforza, 
who also built the famous Castle. ELPUB 2009 is organized by 
CILEA, a consortium of Italian Universities founded in 1974 to 
promote the use of advanced ICT in academic and research 
environments, to support technological transfer and to manage ICT 
services, facilities and infrastructures. Within CILEA, the AePIC 
team deals with innovative e-publishing technologies and models, 
promoting Open Access to knowledge through sustainable online 

General Chair:
Susanna Mornati, CILEA - Inter-Academic Consortium for ICT, 
Segrate, Italy mornati@cilea.it

Programme Chair: Turid Hedlund, Hanken School of Economics, 
Helsinki, Finland turid.hedlund@hanken.fi

Conference information: elpub2009@elpub.net
Conference web site: http://www.elpub.net

Join the "ELPUB Electronic Publishing Conference" group on 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=3D36376184362

ELPUB 2009 and OAI 6 are just 3 days in time and 400 km in space 
(4 hours by train, 50 minutes by plane) away from each other: 
take this unique chance to participate in both, enjoying two 
exciting scientific events in electronic publishing and scholarly 
communication and visiting Italy and Switzerland.