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5 Million Articles Online at HighWire

5 Million Articles Online at HighWire
The Evolution of an e-Publishing Platform

(Palo Alto, California)  2 December 2008

HighWire Press, the world's premier scholarly online hosting
service, reached a significant milestone this week with the
posting of the five millionth article on its e-Publishing
platform.  HighWire, a division of the Stanford University
Libraries, provides technology and customized online services to
140 publishing partners ranging from independent non-profit
societies and associations, to university presses and large
commercial publishers.

The milestone occurred while loading a substantial amount of
journal backfiles on behalf of the American Medical Association.
Bringing the HighWire total article count over the 5 million mark
was an article dating from 1884, "Dermatitis Herpetiformis" by
Louis A. Duhring, MD1, published in JAMA: The Journal of the
American Medical Association. The JAMA & Archives Journals
Backfiles Collection will ensure that 125 years of high quality
medical research will be available online at the journals' Web
sites on the HighWire platform.

"We've been very pleased at HighWire's service and
professionalism from the first article that went online to this
latest retrospective batch," said Catherine DeAngelis, MD, MPH,
Editor-in-Chief of JAMA. "With fully searchable XML text from
1883 forward, plus reference and correction linking, the JAMA &
Archives Journals Backfiles collection will benefit from
HighWire's dedication to providing a premier resource for
physicians, researchers, and libraries."

"Our publishing partners have been steadily entrusting more and
more of their content online with us," said Julie Noblitt,
HighWire's Associate Director of Publisher Relations. "Access to
the full scholarly record online is invaluable and we are
delighted to have played an important role in serving the
scholarly community in this way."  HighWire has grown over the
years to host the definitive online versions of journals, books,
reference works, monographs, dictionaries, proceedings, edited
collections and Knowledge Environments.

JAMA & Archives Journals are among the dozens of publishers who
have released, or are planning to release, a complete online
record of their publications on HighWire, including: AAAS'
ScienceClassic, The Rockefeller University Press Archives, SAGE
Publications backfiles, American Academy of Pediatrics
e-Archives, the BMJ backfiles archive, and many more. By
individual publisher policy, over 2 million of those 5 million
articles are available online to readers without subscription

"What started as a safe haven for pioneering scholarly societies
going online in the mid-1990s has become an evolution in
scholarly publishing," said HighWire's Director, John Sack. "From
our unique perspective within the scholarly community, we have
been flexible and open to experimentation in the community by
envisioning the way of the future and paving the road to virtual

The 140 HighWire-affiliated publishers represent a remarkable
breadth in many disciplines. About half of the nearly 1,200
high-impact publications online at HighWire represent humanities
and social sciences, and half cover the life sciences and

1 The Journal of the American Medical Association.


For more information, please contact:
Bonnie Zavon,  Public Relations
HighWire Press - Stanford University
+1 650-723-0522

At Online Information 2008: 2-4 December, Olympia, London, UK: Stand 328
UK mobile: +44 (0)772 285 1191

About HighWire

A division of the Stanford University Libraries, HighWire Press
provides online site development and hosting solutions to the
scholarly publishing community. HighWire helps produce the
definitive online versions of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals
and other scholarly content in many disciplines. Since 1995,
HighWire has partnered with influential societies, university
presses and other publishers to create a vast database of the
finest, fully searchable life science, research, medical, social
science, and humanities literature available on the Internet. The
HighWire community shares ideas and innovations in publishing
through regular meetings, discussion forum and through the
service of its unique blend of highly qualified staff.

HighWire's recently launched electronic platform, H2O, a dynamic
new hosting environment, is flexible and adaptable to changing
electronic publishing needs through standards-based architecture
that allows interoperability with the many third party
applications emerging from Web 2.0 development and beyond.

About JAMA & Archives Journals

JAMA & Archives Journals includes JAMA and the specialty Archives
Journals, published by the American Medical Association. For more
information about the Backfiles, please visit
http://www.backfiles.org .