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OECD & Sustainable Development

Paris, France, 2 December 2008, OECD Publishing's new primer 
'OECD Insights: Sustainable Development' is practicing what it 
preaches by being published using revolutionary low-carbon 
publishing technology for sales in far-flung markets.  'OECD 
Insights: Sustainable Development' will be launched in an Angus & 
Robertson bookshop in Melbourne, Australia using one of Time 
Magazine's Inventions of the Year - the Espresso Book Machine 
from On Demand Inc. Each copy sold will save 5.8kg in carbon 

Traditionally books are printed in one place then shipped 
worldwide to distributors and then forwarded to booksellers, 
which generates a significant carbon footprint.  This 
"just-in-case" approach to publishing and bookselling also 
creates delays in a book reaching more distant markets, which can 
be frustrating for readers.

On Demand Inc's innovative Espresso Book Machine is helping to 
change this. It uses an electronic file to produce the book where 
it is sold, copy-by-copy, as and when they are needed. There is 
no need to batch print, transport, or store too many copies. With 
the Espresso Book Machine, publishing can become a "just-in-time" 

Toby Green, Head of Publishing at OECD said: "This new technology 
is transforming the publishing industry, giving us the 
opportunity to reduce significantly our carbon footprint and 
improve delivery times for customers. Furthermore, it opens the 
door for us to adapt our publications to local markets. So, in 
the case of Australia we can pull together all the chapters about 
Australia that have appeared in our books over the past twelve 
months and offer them as a compilation just in that market. This 
has never been economically feasible before. So, alongside the 
launch of 'OECD Insights; Sustainable Development' we'll be 
launching 'Australia at a Glance'.  We think On Demand's Espresso 
Book Machine global network will open up new possibilities for us 
to do more publishing adapted to local markets."

Dane Neller, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of On Demand 
Books, the New York-based company that created and supplies the 
Espresso Book Machine around the world, said: "Angus & Robertson 
and the OECD are to be congratulated for this innovative use of 
the Espresso Book Machine, which demonstrates both its high 
relevance in a sustainability context, and its clear potential to 
drive revolutionary global changes in the availability and 
distribution of books."

The launch of this book is an international collaboration between 
OECD Publishing in Paris, On Demand Books, Inc in New York, the 
major Australian bookselling chain Angus & Robertson, and DA 
Information Services, the Australian book wholesaler. 'OECD 
Insights: Sustainable Development' is being launched 
simultaneously via all eleven Espresso Book Machines currently 
installed by On Demand books. They are in North America, Egypt, 
UK and Australia. 'OECD Insights: Sustainable Development' will 
still be published using traditional methods in markets where 
"just-in-time" technology is not yet installed.  As technology 
progresses, however, more OECD books are expected to be printed 
for local sale on demand in this way.

About OECD

OECD (www.oecd.org) brings together the governments of the 30 
Member Countries committed to democracy and the market economy 
from around the world to support sustainable economic growth, 
raise living standards, maintain financial stability and assist 
other countries' economic development.  OECD Publishing 
(www.oecd.org/publishing) is one of the world's largest 
publishers in the fields of economics and public policy. OECD 
Publishing disseminates OECD's intellectual output, both 
analytical and statistical.  More information about publications 
is available through the OECD Online Bookshop and SourceOECD, the 
groundbreaking online iLibrary of statistical databases, books 
and periodicals.

About the Espresso Book Machine

On Demand Books LLC (www.ondemandbooks.com) uses proprietary 
software and a patented, fully integrated high speed machine to 
print, bind and trim a library quality paperback book at point of 
sale on demand in minutes at low cost from digital files. The 
Espresso Book Machine replaces the centralized supply chain for 
the distribution of books - essentially unchanged since Gutenberg 
- with radically decentralized direct-to-consumer distribution. 
In essence, an ATM for books. Last year the Espresso Book Machine 
was named by Time magazine as one of the "Best Inventions of the