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Press Release: 4 INFORMS Journals on BusinessWeek B-School List

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4 INFORMS Journals Now on BusinessWeek Special B-School Issue List

HANOVER, MD, November 19, 2008 - BusinessWeek has added a fourth 
INFORMS journal to its list of journals used to determine the 
world's best business schools, making the scientific association 
the publisher with the largest number of scholarly journals on 
the prestigious list.

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences 
(INFORMS(r)) saw its journal Marketing Science added to the list, 
which was previously published in 2006. INFORMS journals already 
on the list are Operations Research, Management Science, and 
Information Systems Research.

"We are honored that Business Week has determined that so many of 
our journals should be used to rate the world's best business 
schools and highly cited business professors," said Cynthia 
Barnhart, President of INFORMS and Co-Director of the Operations 
Research Center at MIT, and Mark Doherty, the association's 
Executive Director.

"In a publishing industry whose scholarly journals are primarily 
published by large commercial publishers, we are gratified that 
an independent publisher and professional association with 10,000 
members is able to make such an important mark."

The November 24, 2008 issue of BusinessWeek contains a special 
section, "The Best B-Schools. According to BusinessWeek 
the magazine uses a rating of intellectual capital and two other 
factors to determine the best American and international business 
schools. The magazine's website states, "BusinessWeek scours 20 
top academic journals for articles published by each school's 
faculty, reviewing all editions published in the previous five 

The other factors considered by BusinessWeek, according to the 
magazine's website, are a student survey and a survey of 
corporate recruiters.

Several other publishers had two of their journals on the 
BusinessWeek list.

INFORMS publishes 12 journals:

1. The flagship journal Operations Research
2. Management Science, also a flagship journal
3. Decision Analysis
4. Information Systems Research
5. INFORMS Journal on Computing
6. INFORMS Transactions on Education, an online, open-access
7. Interfaces, The INFORMS Journal on the Practice of Operations
8. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
9. Marketing Science
10.Math of Operations Research
11.Organization Science
12.Transportation Science

INFORMS journals are strongly cited in Journal Citation Reports, 
an industry source. Similar to BusinessWeek, Financial Times 
includes the four INFORMS journals, with a fifth, Organization 
Science, in its list of academic journals used to evaluate MBA 


The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences 
(INFORMS(r)) is an international scientific society with 10,000 
members, including Nobel Prize laureates, dedicated to applying 
scientific methods to help improve decision-making, management, 
and operations. Members of INFORMS work in business, government, 
and academia. They are represented in fields as diverse as 
airlines, health care, law enforcement, the military, financial 
engineering, and telecommunications. The INFORMS website is 
<http://www.informs.org/> . More information about operations 
research is at <http://www.scienceofbetter.org/> .


Barry List
Director, Communications
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
7240 Parkway Drive, Suite 300
Hanover, MD 21076