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RE: warranty of non-infringement and indemnification against claims

There are also a number of 'model' (or 'example') licences in 
existence, the most useful of which have been developed jointly 
by publishers and librarians, so as to ensure that they address 
the concerns of both sides - see for example those at 

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You are not alone in finding the negotiating and administration 
of licences a nuisance, and to address this NISO have been 
working on a framework agreement to replace the need for 
bilateratal licences between publishers and libraries. They have 
undertaken a trial period with publishers and librarians, and 
from this have now issued "SERU: A Shared Electronic Resource 
Understanding" as part of their Recommended Practice series.

SERU is a framework of shared understanding and good faith which 
publishers and librarians sign up to. The (hoped-for) result is 
that there is no subsequent need to negotiate bespoke licences as 
both parties agree to the terms of the SERU agreement.

To read more about the project and to sign up, see the NISO 
website - http://www.niso.org/committees/SERU/

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