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Re: How many (peer reveiwed) journals are there?

I just noticed that the records in the Directory of Open Access 
<Journals, http://www.doaj.org/> do not appear to state whether 
each journal is peer-reviewed.  I think that's unfortunate, 
because many scholars and librarians find peer-review information 
an extremely important feature of periodical directories; often, 
the sole reason for using a periodical directory is to identify 
peer reviewed titles.  I would think that many scholars would use 
DOAJ not just to identify OA journals in their discipline, but 
peer-reviewed OA journals in their discipline, because of the 
greater value to the scholar of publishing in a peer-reviewed 
journal.  Some scholars may prefer, for various reasons, to 
publish in an OA journal, but out of self-interest most scholars 
would probably prefer to publish in a peer-reviewed journal, OA 
or not.  Similarly, some scholars (and librarians who assist 
them) use periodical directories to identify refereeing 
opportunities, and if DOAJ lacks peer-review in! formati on, the 
directory can't meet this need, even for scholars who prefer to 
work with an OA journal.

If in fact DOAJ does not contain peer-review information, I 
recommend that DOAJ begin adding that information to its records. 
If DOAJ does contain that information, I recommend that they 
begin displaying that information and that they revise their 
search form to enable users to search for peer-reviewed titles.

Robert C. Richards, Jr., J.D.*, M.A., M.S.L.I.S.
Philadelphia, PA
E-mail: richards1000@comcast.net
* Admitted to practice in New York only.