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Tr: How many (peer reveiwed) journals are there?

Hi Joe!

The c. 24,000 figure represents current, active, peer-reviewed 
journals listed in Ulrich's.  There may, of course, be more 
(particularly in languages other than English, which are not well 
covered in Ulrich's). While publishers' definitions of peer 
review may vary, they have all asserted that these journals are 
in some sense peer-reviewed.  There are many more in Ulrich's 
that do not claim to be peer-reviewed.  The figure has grown 
pretty steadily over very many years.

I drew together all the information I could find last year in my 
article, 'Mapping the journal publishing landscape:  how much do 
we know?' (http://dx.doi.org/10.1087/095315107X239654)

Sally Morris
Consultant, Morris Associates (Publishing Consultancy)
Clapham, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 3UU, UK