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Charleston Session on New Standards in Publishing Data

Dear Liblicense readers,

For all those attending the Charleston Library Conference in a 
couple of days you may be interested in a groundbreaking session 
about the new standards in bibliographic metadata being developed 
for publishing datasets.

More and more datasets are published to support research.  They 
can be regarded as part of the research output and as valuable as 
the published journal article. Currently there are no rules about 
how to publish, present, cite or catalogue datasets and tables. 
Toby Green, Head of Publishing at OECD will examine the need for 
standards and the remedies that OECD is implementing to enable 
users to find and cite data and enable librarians to accurately 
catalogue and deliver datasets to their patrons.

OECD is working on building metadata standards for publishing 
data that will enable citation linking and incorporate MARC 
records and ONIX file formats so that data can be managed, 
accessed and cited in the same way as other publishing outputs.

When and Where:

28th Charleston Conference, SC
Title: Why Not Publish Data Alongside Analysis?
Date and time: Thursday 6th November, 3:10pm - 4:00pm
Location: Room 122, Addlestone Library
Speaker: Toby Green- Head of Publishing, OECD
Thread: OOB: Out of the box thinking/entrepreneurship