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Globethics.net invites expression of interest

October 29, 2008

Globethics.net invites expression of interest to create and 
publish web-versions of ethics journals

Globethics.net is a global ethics network interested in different 
fields of applied ethics. It offers access to resources on 
ethics, especially through its leading global digital library on 
ethics. In addition, it facilitates collaborative web-based 
research, conferences, online publishing and active sharing of 
information. Further information about Globethics.net can be had 
by contacting Globethics.net.

1. Globethics.net Library: The new global digital library on 
ethics was launched on 9 October 2008. This library provides 
users free access to full text versions of about 200 journals and 
more than a million documents in the field of applied ethics. The 
digital library on ethics was developed by Globethics.net, a 
global network organization with the objective of empowering 
people in all regions of the world to reflect and act on ethical 
issues. They developed the Globethics.net Library to ensure that 
persons and institutions - especially in Africa, Asia and 
Latin-America - have access to good quality and up to date 
knowledge resources. There is no cost involved in using the 
library. Individuals only need to register (free of charge) as 
participants on the Globethics.net website 
(http://www.globethics.net) to get access to all the full text 
journals, encyclopedias, e-books and other resources in the 
library. The library does not only offer free access to knowledge 
sources, but also offers participants the unique opportunity to 
submit their own documents on applied ethics (like articles, 
journals, books, dissertations, newsletters) to the 
Globethics.net Library. This will ensure that their publications 
get more global exposure.

2. Ethics journals: Globethics.net aims at making scholarly 
literature more accessible and available. Towards this, around 10 
ethics journals are partnering with us to either convert their 
print version to web version or to make their web version more 
accessible, visible on the web. Samples of the journals can be 
provided to interested parties upon request.

3. Specific requirements: You will provide a standard-compliant 
web-based manuscript submission and/or creation and editorial 
workflow portal for each of the participating journals. This is 
done ideally through a single portal but with dedicated access 
for the users of each participating journal. For print journals, 
the requirements are to create the layout (primarily for web, but 
may be required for print as well), data structure using an 
agreed XML/DTD structure, and finally converting into PDF and 
HTML of each article, cover pages, table of content and other 
pages. Uploading on the web-server, indexing and search engine 
discovery is also undertaken as part of the process.

4. Expectations: Globethics.net intends to host the entire 
process in its server and publish the journals and associated 
metadata and content within Globethics.net Library. Additional 
APIs can be integrated if required. Alternative solutions will be 
studied and consulted with the proposers.

5. Budget: A detailed budget will be required as part of the 
proposal to this call for expression of interest. This includes 
article level processing cost.

6. Contract: The contract is expected to be signed for one full 
year, subject to renewal for each additional year with mutual 
agreement by both the parties.

7. Submission process: The proposals must be submitted with full 
details of the proponent (e.g. Company information, legal basis, 
annual turn over, registered address, management details with 
contacts) and the proposal itself. The proposal is submitted 
ideally in PDF format and in a single PDF by email. All 
submissions must be delivered by 4 November 2008, 5 pm CET. 
Submission is sent by email in English or French with attention 
to A. Garai with the subject line "Ethics journals proposal" to: