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Open access book publishing in writing studies: A case study

Might be of interest to some on the list.

Bernie Sloan


Open access book publishing in writing studies: A case study. 
Charles Bazerman, David Blakesley, Mike Palmquist, and David 
Russell. First Monday, Volume 13, Number 1 - 7, January 2008 


"The publication of scholarly books has been shaped strongly in 
recent decades by two factors: assessments by publishers of the 
potential market for books and the influence of publishers' 
reputations on tenure and promotion decisions. This article 
reflects on the choices made by a group of senior scholars in the 
field of composition and rhetoric as they conceived of and 
published an open access book on activity theory and writing and, 
subsequently, published an open access book series in the area of 
rhetoric and composition. The implications of open access book 
publishing for access to scholarly work and tenure and promotion 
decisions are considered."