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Re: Print-on-demand at university presses

Thank you, Sandy, for this precious information.

What I am wondering is what would happen to the POD phase if the book were also available in OA electronic format? Surely, the revenues from the POD phase are minor and it may be that the POD sales would be stimulated by the OA electronic version available.

As for the Romance Studies: bravo!! And i would very much like to see how this experiment is faring. Your site is OA but obviously favours browsing and I suspect that many people will be tempted to buy. Yochai's Benkler experience with an OA electronic version of his book (Wealth of Networks) was quite spectacular: the spike in sales after the book was announced to be in OA on the OA lists was bigger than the spike he got from the review in Time Magazine.

Incidentally, I wonder whether one big file for the OA electronic version is not better to incite buys than sections. The issue is not owning or not the book, but being able to read it online. By breaking it up in sections, you may be unwittingly inciting people to read sections online and not buy the paper book.

Have you announced the PSU Romance series on Peter Suber's blog? I bet this would create some stir.

I have sent the news to Athabasca U. Press and to Jean Kempf who is part of the new European project OApen and head of Presses universitaires de Lyon in France.

Again, and incidentally, if POD had mirrors across the globe, the cost of shipping would go down drastically. A group of university presses, worldwide, ought to be able to organize such a network.

Thanks again for the fascinating information.