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Re: Google Print - Peter Brantley in Chronicle of Higher Ed

I think Ann is entirely right on this point. And it shows that 
viable commerce can exist on top of open access (with the right 
license) or public domain documents. In other words, OA and 
public domain are quite compatible with real value-added 
publishing. But the value added has to be real and of quality 
because OA and public domain provide an even-playing field that 
many companies do not know how to handle.

Jean-Claude Guedon

Le lundi 21 janvier 2008 a 13:46 -0500, Ann Okerson a ecrit :

> Should no one ever make money on public domain or orphan works?
> Many publishers are doing just fine selling Jane Austen these
> days in one form or another -- and we are glad of it, aren't we?
> Ann Okerson