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SwetsWise completes its first full year in style with the introduction of License Bank.

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I thought this may be of interest to some Listserve members. 

Press Release
Lisse, The Netherlands
January 15, 2008

SwetsWise completes its first full year in style with the 
introduction of License Bank.

Swets is delighted to announce the successful release of 
SwetsWise 5.0, the latest technical update to the most 
comprehensive and sophisticated subscriptions management tool 
currently available. SwetsWise 5.0 adds a host of additional 
functionalities to SwetsWise Subscriptions, the central focus of 
the SwetsWise platform. The most significant addition is the 
introduction of License Bank, a functionality that makes the 
largest collection of publisher license conditions in the 
industry available to all SwetsWise customers at no extra 

License Bank contains a wealth of publisher license information, 
providing a range of additional features and benefits for 
SwetsWise customers:

- License Bank contains 45 separate license data fields, tracked 
following the guidelines of the Digital Library Federation's 
(DLF) Electronic Resource Management Initiative (ERMI).

- View which publishers require a license agreement for their 

- View the different types of licenses that a publisher offers 
(e.g. site license and multi-site license).

- While browsing the SwetsWise catalog, the customer can 
instantly see if they will need to sign a new license or if an 
existing license will cover the new purchase.

- Detailed information on what a publisher's license agreement 
allows customers to do or prohibits them from doing with the 
related content.

- Links to the actual license agreement of the publisher so 
customers can download it.

- See which subscriptions fall under a specific license 

- A customer can see a complete overview of all the licenses they 
have already signed or are in the process of signing, complete 
with the current status of each license.

License Bank was developed with extensive input from customers 
and the kind cooperation of all the Publishers whose licenses are 
included, with regular discussions on the original requirements, 
usability testing and beta testing included in the process.

"The launch of SwetsWise 5.0 places a unique footprint in our 
industry," said Thomas Snyder, Chief Commercial Officer at Swets. 
"The License Bank marks the first time that such a large amount 
of detailed information on publisher license information has been 
made available in one place. We are relentless in our drive to 
simplify all aspects of subscription management and we know that 
this information is highly sought after by our customers. By 
working closely with publishers and a core group of customers, we 
have been able to make this functionality available to them in 
the way that they want it, which is something we're incredibly 
proud of."

In addition to the License Bank, SwetsWise 5.0 includes new 
e-journals management, activation and tracking capabilities, as 
well as an overview of financial information, such as payments, 
credits and invoices. Furthermore, this new release incorporates 
a "multiple subscriptions" section into SwetsWise that enables 
users to select and renew many subscriptions at once, saving time 
and effort.

SwetsWise 5.0 completes the first full year of development on the 
new, fully integrated SwetsWise platform. Since the launch, 
SwetsWise has reached a number of milestones. In the past year 
all Swets customers have been successfully migrated over to the 
new platform. By September 2007, SwetsWise was handling more than 
1 million subscriptions and currently more than 80% of all 
subscriptions handled by Swets are now administered through 

"We are delighted that the majority of our subscriptions are now 
being handled through SwetsWise as it proves the inherent value 
of the platform for our customers," said Thomas Snyder. "With the 
ever increasing range of features, functionalities and benefits 
included, it's easy to see why the world's becoming SwetsWise."

About Swets

Swets is the world's leading subscription services company. We 
build on more than 100 years of experience to maximize the return 
on investments in time and money for clients and publishers in 
today's complex information marketplace. With clients in over 160 
countries and more than twenty offices around the world, Swets is 
a true "long tail" powerhouse that provides the most 
comprehensive and sophisticated e-commerce platform currently 
available in its field.

Swets has been included in E-Content Magazine's "100 Companies 
that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry" for the past 
five years, and consistently features in the top 25% of FEM 
Business' "Top 500 Companies in The Netherlands" list year after 
year. We are the only subscription services company that is ISO 
9001:2000 certified on a global basis--a testament to our 
stringent operation and client service procedures.

Media Contact
Damian Leslie
P.O. Box 830=20
2160 SZ Lisse, The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)252 435 189=20
F: +31 (0)252 415 888=20
E: press@nl.swets.com