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RE: WorldCat xISBN

My point is that there are increasingly numerous versions of a 
journal article 'work', just as there are of books, and a way of 
linking all of these to the relevant DOI would be fantastic

Sally Morris
Consultant, Morris Associates (Publishing Consultancy)
Email:  sally@morris-assocs.demon.co.uk

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Crossref DOI's are intended to identify articles at the "work" 
level, so in principle, there is not a need to relate DOi 
identifiers to unify a work. In practice, of course, this is not 
always true.

We are working on a service that will relate ISSNs; I'm hesitant 
to say anything more until things are more definite.


At 10:44 PM -0400 5/27/07, Sally Morris \(Morris Associates\) wrote:
>Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to do the same for journal
>Sally Morris
>Consultant, Morris Associates (Publishing Consultancy)
>Email:  sally@morris-assocs.demon.co.uk
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>Subject: WorldCat xISBN
>Development and Support for xISBN and related "xIdentifier"
>services are being done by my group here in New Jersey...
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Bob Murphy +1-614-761-5136 murphyb@oclc.org
>WorldCat xISBN service enhances search results with associated
>forms of individual works in WorldCat
>DUBLIN, Ohio, May 11, 2007-The WorldCat xISBN service, the OCLC
>service that supplies International Standard Book Numbers
>associated with individual intellectual works represented in the
>WorldCat database, is now also available for commercial and
>high-use applications.
>The WorldCat xISBN service, which began as an OCLC Research
>project, is a machine-to-machine service that supplies ISBNs and
>other information associated with an individual work in WorldCat,
>the world's richest database for discovery of items held in
>libraries. It has been a supported service, available at no
>charge for individual, non-commercial use, since February.  It is
>now also being made available for commercial and high-use
>applications (more than 500 requests per day) via subscription.
>The xISBN service helps a user find a resource when an ISBN
>assigned to any printing or edition of the work is known.  Users
>submit an ISBN to the service to return a list of related ISBNs
>and selected metadata.
>"The ability to automatically expand ISBN queries to include all
>editions of a work will help users find the information they
>need," said Robin Murray, Vice President, OCLC Global Product
>Management. "The xISBN service is another example of OCLC's
>commitment to finding new ways to make the WorldCat database work
>for our users." ISBNs are related to each other using
>librarian-cataloged bibliographic records in WorldCat together
>with an algorithm that implements the FRBR model for information
>objects that brings together multiple versions of a work.  The
>FRBR model keeps WorldCat users from having to browse numerous
>records that represent many different manifestations of a
>book-such as different printings, hardcover or paperback
>editions, audiobooks or film versions, for example-and brings
>them together under one record.
>The WorldCat xISBN service is ideal for Web-enabled search
>applications, such as library catalogs and online booksellers,
>and based on associations made in the WorldCat database, xISBN
>enables an end user to link to information about other versions
>of a source work.  Among the uses of the WorldCat xISBN service:
>to identify a book from an online bookseller to determine if that
>book is available at the user's library; to confirm that no
>alternative versions of a work are available before a library
>sends an interlibrary loan request; to use a single search to
>check holdings of all editions of a work before making a
>selection for acquisition. More information about the WorldCat
>xISBN service is available on the OCLC WorldCat Web site:
>Send e-mail to xisbn-support@oclc.org for details about


Eric Hellman, Director
OCLC Openly Informatics Division