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Licensing Issues with Union List of Periodicals

Back in the day, my university maintained a union list of 
periodicals for our three college/universities, two medical 
libraries, and public library.  This was a fabulous partnership 
and an important tool for our ILL office (we do not provide ILL 
for titles held from these local libraries, it is the 
responsibility of our users to run over and retrieve the items 
themselves).  This union list has been integrated into our SFX 
A-Z list, so that our users see our holdings, print and 
electronic, and the holdings from the other libraries.

The union list, however, only includes the print titles from 
these other libraries (a mere fraction of the total holdings). 
It seems like most licenses now allow for walk-in use, but is 
that the same as providing our users with a list of 
titles/holdings to those licensed materials? If WorldCat can 
contain holdings for licensed material would my adding them to 
the union list be any different?

I'm curious as to whether any other libraries are in this 
situation and how they are handling it?  I'd also be very 
interested in hearing from vendors on this issue.


Jen Holman

Jenifer Holman 
Acquisitions Librarian
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University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
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