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Walter de Gruyter GmbH Selects Atypon Systems, Inc.

The Atypon and Walter de Gruyter news below maybe of interest to 
liblicense readers.

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Walter de Gruyter GmbH Selects Atypon Systems, Inc. to Supply 
Content Delivery Platform for Journals, Books, Reference works 
and Databases

BERLIN, Germany and SANTA CLARA, California:  May 22, 2007: 
Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG, an independent Berlin-based 
academic publisher, has entered into an agreement with Atypon 
Systems, Inc., a leading e-publishing solutions provider, to 
develop a platform for the online delivery of all of their 
publishing output.

The new agreement builds upon Walter de Gruyter's existing 
technology partnership with Atypon. Walter de Gruyter's adoption 
of the Atypon Premium platform will extend the services they 
offer to libraries, academic societies and end users. One of the 
main enhancements will be the integration of journals, books, 
reference works and bibliographic databases onto a single 
platform, accessible through a common interface.

Chris Beckett, VP of Sales and Marketing of Atypon Systems, 
commented:  'We are delighted to have signed an agreement with 
this major European publisher. Delivering a solution that meets, 
for instance, both the needs of the local German language market 
for historical databases and the international market for English 
language journals and books, while providing a unified content 
management back-office and access control system, is an excellent 
application of the Atypon Premium infrastructure. We look forward 
to providing Walter De Gruyter with a solid return on their 
investment in the Atypon Premium solution.'

Joachim Engelland, responsible for Business Development Online at 
Walter de Gruyter, commented: 'We are excited to extend and 
further develop our partnership with Atypon. Establishing the new 
platform will mean a giant leap for Walter de Gruyter. With 
Atypon building it we make sure that the experience and 
technology of a premium service provider goes into this. Our 
customers will benefit from enhanced services and seamless access 
to all content - be it published in journals, books or 

About Walter de Gruyter
For more than 250 years, the independent scholarly publishing 
house Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG has published journals and 
books in the fields of linguistics, literature, history, 
medicine, and law. In 2006 Walter de Gruyter acquired K.G. Saur 
and Max Niemeyer forming one of the largest publishing houses in 
Europe. De Gruyter publishes more than 500 new titles every year, 
half of them in English, approximately 92 journals, and a variety 
of digital products. For further information please visit 

About Atypon Systems, Inc.
Since 1996, Atypon Systems, Inc. has provided software, hosting, 
and systems development to the information industry, allowing 
publishers to grow their business by providing superior 
technology and service that supports the electronic exchange of 
scholarly information. Atypon's solutions include Atypon Premium, 
a complete e-publishing solution for publishers who wish to 
manage the entire process of delivering and managing their 
content online, and Atypon Link, a cost effective, aggregated 
hosting platform for publishers who require a well managed, 
outsourced e-publishing service. For further information please 
visit http://www.atypon.com

For further information, please contact:

Joachim Engelland
Business Development Online
Walter de Gruyter
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 26005363
Email: Joachim.engelland@degruyter.com

Nash Pal
Strategic Marketing Manager
Atypon Limited
Tel: +44 (0) 870 350 2032
Email: npal@atypon.com