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Jean-Claude wrote:

"And what has a kid going to college got to add about this issue? Unless things are very strange in the US - and I must admit they often look strange to me - I simply do not understand the meaning of this remark."

JE: I am sorry that my allusion was obscure. The context was a discussion about how libraries are funded. It was suggested (incorrectly) that libraries are funded out of research grants. I replied that the funding comes from multiple sources and intended to imply that this is self-evident (though self-evidently I was wrong). Parents who pay enormous sums for tuition are in a position to know first-hand that the libraries must be funded somehow. Some portion of undergraduate tuition goes toward libraries, but since dollars are fungible, it is hard to know precisely what portion.

And, yes, things are very strange in the U.S., as they are everywhere.

Joe Esposito