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WorldCat xISBN

Development and Support for xISBN and related "xIdentifier" services are being done by my group here in New Jersey...


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Bob Murphy +1-614-761-5136 murphyb@oclc.org

WorldCat xISBN service enhances search results with associated forms of individual works in WorldCat

DUBLIN, Ohio, May 11, 2007-The WorldCat xISBN service, the OCLC service that supplies International Standard Book Numbers associated with individual intellectual works represented in the WorldCat database, is now also available for commercial and high-use applications.

The WorldCat xISBN service, which began as an OCLC Research project, is a machine-to-machine service that supplies ISBNs and other information associated with an individual work in WorldCat, the world's richest database for discovery of items held in libraries. It has been a supported service, available at no charge for individual, non-commercial use, since February. It is now also being made available for commercial and high-use applications (more than 500 requests per day) via subscription.

The xISBN service helps a user find a resource when an ISBN assigned to any printing or edition of the work is known. Users submit an ISBN to the service to return a list of related ISBNs and selected metadata.

"The ability to automatically expand ISBN queries to include all editions of a work will help users find the information they need," said Robin Murray, Vice President, OCLC Global Product Management. "The xISBN service is another example of OCLC's commitment to finding new ways to make the WorldCat database work for our users." ISBNs are related to each other using librarian-cataloged bibliographic records in WorldCat together with an algorithm that implements the FRBR model for information objects that brings together multiple versions of a work. The FRBR model keeps WorldCat users from having to browse numerous records that represent many different manifestations of a book-such as different printings, hardcover or paperback editions, audiobooks or film versions, for example-and brings them together under one record.

The WorldCat xISBN service is ideal for Web-enabled search applications, such as library catalogs and online booksellers, and based on associations made in the WorldCat database, xISBN enables an end user to link to information about other versions of a source work. Among the uses of the WorldCat xISBN service: to identify a book from an online bookseller to determine if that book is available at the user's library; to confirm that no alternative versions of a work are available before a library sends an interlibrary loan request; to use a single search to check holdings of all editions of a work before making a selection for acquisition. More information about the WorldCat xISBN service is available on the OCLC WorldCat Web site: <http://www.worldcat.org/affiliate/webservices/xisbn/app.jsp>. Send e-mail to xisbn-support@oclc.org for details about subscriptions.

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