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AAAS announcement

Please distribute the following announcement to students, faculty or anyone who might be
interested in submitting papers for the following AAAS awards, brought to you by
Science, Eppendorf AG and GE Healthcare.

AAAS Calling for Papers!

The Eppendorf and Science Prize for Neurobiology recognizes young scientists' (35 or
younger) accomplishments in neurobiology research based on methods of moecular and cell
biology. Deadline for entries is June 15, 2007.

The GE Healthcare and Science Prize for Young Life Scientists awards outstanding Ph.D.
graduate students from around the world for their research in molecular biology.  
Deadline for entries is July 15, 2007.

The grand prize winners of each prize receives $25,000.00.

For complete details visit www.aaas.org/aboutaaas/awards