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CIC Position Posting

Hi all-- if you're interested in licensing, well the CIC has 
plenty of those (114 at last count).  But, as you'll see in the 
following job description for an Assistant Director, we're trying 
to do a lot more with our 13 extraordinary libraries than save 
them a few bucks here and there on commercial licenses.  I hope 
you'll find a minute to take a look at the job description. 
It's a nice opportunity but you'll have to hurry; the posting 
closes on May 20.  If you have questions, please feel free to 
contact me.

Cheers,  mark



The Center for Library Initiatives (CLI) encourages and supports 
collaboration among thirteen of the nation's largest and most 
progressive university research libraries.  As a unit of the 
Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) with a full time 
staff of eighteen, the CLI (3FTE) benefits from daily interaction 
with talented and energetic colleagues leading a broad range of 
innovative programs in higher education. This synergy with other 
CIC staff and programs, and by extension with the faculty and 
campus administrative leaders they engage, helps to anchor 
library initiatives in the overall research and instructional 
programs of the academy.  Current programs of the CLI include 
acquiring and licensing scholarly resources, building a shared 
repository for digital content, encouraging open access to 
scholarly output, supporting cooperative digital conversion, 
exploring the potential value of emerging Web 2.0 technologies 
and trends, coordinating distributed print storage, and many 
other activities aimed at leveraging the resources of our member 

The Assistant Director (AD) of the CIC Center for Library 
Initiatives works closely with the Director of the CLI, CIC 
member library groups, and CIC colleagues to support the 
development, implementation and assessment of CLI action plans. 
Depending upon the activities involved, the AD assists or leads 
program planning, project management, and coordination of key 
collaborative initiatives, including the coordination of library 
licensing and acquisitions.

This full-time position requires a capable project manager who 
understands the cooperative library environment and whose 
leadership style builds upon the ideas and contributions of 


* Negotiate and administer licenses, contracts, and agreements 
for electronic information resources.  Coordinate decision-making 
among library staffs for particular acquisitions.

* Track, analyze and report on cost trends in scholarly 
resources, and the economic and service benefits that accrue to 
consortium members through participation in cooperative 

* Coordinate the work of various library committees and task 
forces across the CIC member libraries.

* Coordinate the benchmarking of CIC library collections and 
services against peer institutions nationally.

* Manage CLI daily operations in the CIC offices in Champaign, 
IL, and proactively contribute to the overall planning and 
management activities of the CIC.

* Lead planning and coordination of topical CIC library 

* Advise library groups on criteria of major granting agencies 
and assist in the management of consortial library grants. * 
Develop and manage information tools to track consortial 
statistics for licensing, database usage, resource sharing, etc.

* Communicate effectively with library faculty and staff at CIC 
member universities, peer institutions and consortia nationally, 
as well as with the vendor community.

* Monitor issues, trends and best practices in library management 
and scholarly communication, and contribute to that dialogue on 
behalf of the CIC and its member universities.



ALA accredited Masters Degree in Library or Information Science 
or an equivalent combination of relevant graduate study and 

Three years of demonstrably successful experience in a library, 
consortium or electronic publishing environment.

Outstanding oral and written communication skills.

Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in an 
organizationally complex and culturally diverse higher education 


Demonstrated experience with the acquisition and/or management of 
library information resources.

Demonstrated aptitude for project management, and team leadership 
of individuals and groups with direct responsibility for program 
development and project management

Data management experience, including the ability to organize, 
present, and analyze financial and usage data.

Knowledge of contemporary practices and trends for managing 
electronic resources in a library environment.

A record of active professional engagement, including 
professional presentations and publication.

Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and 
level of experience. To ensure full consideration, applications 
must be received by May 20, 2007. Interviews may be scheduled 
prior to the closing date but no decisions on hiring will be made 
prior to the closing date. The starting date is as soon as 
possible after closing.  To apply, please submit a resume, the 
names and contact information of three professional references, 
and a letter describing your experience and qualifications, as 
well as salary requirements, to:

Darlene Hutchinson,
Secretary, Committee on Institutional Cooperation
1819 South Neil Street, Suite D
Champaign, IL  61820.
Telephone: (217) 244-9239
Fax: (217) 244-7127
Email:  djhutch@uiuc.edu.

The CIC and the University of Illinois are affirmative 
action/equal opportunity employers.
Mark Sandler
Director, Center for Library Initiatives
Committee on Institutional Cooperation
1819 South Neil, Suite D
Champaign, IL 61820-7271
Phone: 734 764-1444   Fax: 734 764-6849

The CIC is a consortium of 12 research universities: University 
of Chicago, University of Illinois, Indiana University, 
Bloomington, University of Iowa, University of Michigan, Michigan 
State University, University of Minnesota, Northwestern 
University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, 
Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin - Madison. With 
campuses in 8 states, CIC universities enroll more than 300,000 
undergraduates and 76,000 graduate students, and employ some 
33,000 full-time faculty and 139,000 full-time staff.