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Calling all LMD "embedded librarians"

Of possible interest.  If you have any questions, please respond
directly to Davie Shumaker at SHUMAKER@cua.edu

Please excuse multiple postings if they cross your desk.


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From: "Shumaker, David E." <SHUMAKER@cua.edu>
Date: March 23, 2007 2:25:55 PM EDT
To: Leadership & Management Division <sla-dlmd@sla.lyris.net>
Subject: [sla-dlmd] Calling all LMD "embedded librarians"
Reply-To: "Shumaker, David E." <SHUMAKER@cua.edu>

Whether your title is "Knowledge Analyst", "Field Librarian",
"Informationist", "Librarian-in-Context", "Client-Embedded
Services Librarian", "Project Information Specialist", or
something else, if a regular part of your work involves
participating in a group, community, or organizational unit
primarily made up of non- librarians, providing knowledge and
information services as a part of the group, then you are
participating in a growing trend of embedding librarians and
their services in settings outside the library.

I'm beginning a research project to document and analyze this
trend, with initial results to be presented as a contributed
paper at the SLA Conference in Denver this June.

LMD members are invited to participate in the project by completing
my survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=526163412877

It consists of 14 questions and will take you about 15 minutes to

Participation is anonymous; no identifying information will be
collected. If you have questions or would like to receive results
of the survey, please email me off list.

Your participation is vital! Thank you!

Please feel free to forward this note.

David Shumaker

Clinical Associate Professor
School of Library and Information Science

Catholic University of America
Washington DC 20064