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RE: arXiv (RE: Why Cornell's Institutional Repository Is Near-Empty)

It's my understanding that both the London Mathematical Society 
(see article by Phil Davis) and the Institute of Physics have 
noticed significant drops in usage on their website for those 
articles which are self-archived (in any form) on arXiv.

Put this together with the high importance which respondents to 
the Ware survey gave to usage statistics as a factor in 
cancellation decisions, and you have a disaster in the making. 
Perhaps this is why the High Energy Physics community has decided 
proactively to drive a move towards OA publishing?

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> I probably won't be the first to bring up examples from
> astrophysics and other disciplines that are fully (or nearly
> completely) represented in the arXiv.

Yes, but these are preprints, correct?  If arXiv is hosting the 
complete postprint contents of any physics journal (without 
embargo), please let me know so I can cancel my library 
subscription to that title.

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