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Creative Commons launches new education initiative

Dear all,

Creative Commons is pleased to announce that we are launching a 
new division called CC Learn, which will extend the work we've 
been doing to support open educational material and repositories 
- kindergarten through lifelong learning. This initiative is made 
possible by the generous support of the Hewlett Foundation and 
the MacArthur Foundation.

CC Learn will be more focused on teaching materials, while our 
work on open access to the scholarly literature will remain part 
of the Scholar's Copyright project in the Science Commons 

CC Learn's immediate goal is to work with those who already 
provide open educational resources to remove or mitigate barriers 
to combining or remixing content from different open collections. 
In other words, our goal is to make material more 
"interoperable," to speed up the virtuous cycle of use, 
experimentation and reuse, to spread the word about the value of 
open educational content, and to change the culture of 
repositories to one focused on "helping build a usable network of 
content worldwide" rather than "helping build the stuff on our 

Please help us spread the news!

Also, we are looking for an Executive Director to head up this 
initiative.  The person would be located in San Francisco. 
Details are here. 
<http://creativecommons.org/about/opportunities#ccl>. Please pass 
this information along to the networks you are a part of and 
encourage qualified people to apply.

All the best,

Michael W. Carroll
Associate Professor of Law
Villanova University School of Law
Villanova, PA 19085
610-519-7088 (voice)
610-519-5672 (fax)
blog: http://www.carrollogos.org/
Research papers: http://ssrn.com/author=330326

See also www.creativecommons.org