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RE: Open Access and Efficiencies in Publication

John Cox wrote:

Heather Morrison really must get her facts right. If she read Reed Elsevier's Annual Report, she would note that its 2005 revenues of US$9.2 million were derived from a variety of businesses, including Harcourt (textbooks), LexisNexis (legal and business information), Reed Business Information (magazines) and, of course, Elsevier (scholarly/research books and journals). The Elsevier unit probably generates around US 2 billion.

Not all of Elsevier's revenue is from publishing of scholarly articles, of course; my numbers are presented as a very rough illustration of what might be possible only.

That is why I provided the example of 10% of Elsevier's revenue (less than half your estimate of US $2 billion, John) paying for 460,000 Public Library of Science articles.

If your estimate of $2 billion in revenue is correct, John, then this amount would pay for about 1.3 million BioMedCentral articles. That is a lot of open access!

A complete calculation of how many article processing fees for open access could be paid for through the revenues of existing publishers would require a more precise figure for Elsevier, but it would also need to include the revenues of all the other scholarly publishers. Elsevier was selected for this example solely due to the large size of the company.

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Heather Morrison