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RE: platforms that work and cost little


Which journals?  The journals using Scholarly Exchange?  They are 
listed on the Scholarly Exchange website.  The journals using 
OJS?  About 150 of them are listed in the links you have already 
been given (twice).  (And as the journals using OJS are not being 
offered through a unified portal - as the HighWire-hosted or 
commercial publisher journals are - I'm not sure why a list needs 
to exist at all.)  I'm not entirely clear why you appear to be 
suggesting some great conspiracy of secrecy here.  Does every 
publisher provide a list of all its suppliers?

(By the way, it's not obvious to me from the Allen Press website 
that there is a list of the 120 journals they host - but I may 
just be missing the link.)

David C Prosser PhD
SPARC Europe
E-mail:  david.prosser@bodley.ox.ac.uk

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I do not see why we cannot be given the names of these journals 
especially the ones that are very well established. HighWire 
does. They are not commercial. Allen Press does. Of course the 
naughty commercial publishers do. Why is there this secrecy about 
all these 800 journals.