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RE: Open access and publishing software


Heather can answer for herself, but as this is a point of 
information perhaps I can help guide you through the links.  If 
you follow the link that Heather gave to the OJS:


then, under 'Navigation' on the left-hand side, you will see 'OJS 
Journal List'.  Follow that link (http://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs-journals) 
and you can read:

'A Sample of Journals Using Open Journal Systems

This is not a comprehensive list of the over 800 titles using OJS 
(as of June 2006) in ten languages, but includes those who have 
indicated an interest in being listed, and is intended to 
illustrate the diversity of journals using system.'

Hope that helps

David C Prosser PhD
SPARC Europe
E-mail:  david.prosser@bodley.ox.ac.uk

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The survey and analysis I am familiar with is described at

It is by Mark Ware and published by ALPSP.

This describes the most used systems and refers to some of the

How does Heather know that there are 800 journals using the
software she recommends if she does not know which ones they are?