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Academic MySpace(s) on the Horizon?


To quote a snippet:

"Over the past few months, social networking has expanded far 
beyond its roots as the toy of screen-addicted teens collecting 
friends on MySpace. The sites -- where users create personal 
profiles to share photos, video, music, commentary and links to 
other profiles or Web sites -- are poised to be part of everyday 
online interaction. Companies like Ning are aiming to make it 
easier for ordinary users to create their own, intimate networks 
to connect with, say, other model railroad enthusiasts, instead 
of joining a larger network like MySpace."

My question to the list is how such a social network might look 
within the world of scholarly research.  We certainly have seen 
elements of social networking take root in our space.  Examples 
include Connotea, CiteULike, and bepress's Selected Works.  What 
remains to be seen is whether our cultural DNA precludes the type 
of openness and off-the-cuff sharing that are common to the 
successful social network experience.  I would be happy to 
summarize offline responses for the list.

BTW, I apologize for not writing ten paragraphs championing or 
vilifying open access. I am still a relative neophyte to the 
posting process.

Best, Greg

Greg Tananbaum
(510) 295-7504