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ALPSP Learned Journals Collection signs major deal with the Southern European Library Link (SELL) consortia

From: "Damian Leslie" <dleslie@nl.swets.com>
To: <liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu>
Subject: ALPSP Learned Journals Collection signs major deal with 
the Southern European Library Link (SELL) consortia

The below message was sent out by Swets and the ALPSP this 
morning. I thought it may be interesting for some list members.




ALPSP Learned Journals Collection signs major deal with the 
Southern European Library Link (SELL) consortia

The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers, 
in partnership with Swets, is pleased to announce the signing of 
the first cross-country consortia agreement for its ALPSP Learned 
Journals Collection.  The agreement brings together members of 
the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS) in Turkey, 
Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (Heal-Link) in Greece, Consorcio 
de Bibliotecas Universitarias de Catalunya (CBUC), and other 
institutions in Italy, Portugal and Spain under the umbrella of 
the Southern European Library Link (SELL).

SELL is a unique library forum where library consortia from 
participating countries debate the challenges and opportunities 
associated with the management of e-consortia. This is the first 
time that this collaboration has extended beyond the forum, 
providing an agreement that equally benefits members of different 
consortia across Southern Europe, demonstrating SELL's commitment 
to providing quality content to its many users.

Lluis Anglada and Nuria Comellas from the CBUC were instrumental 
in arranging the agreement. "The ability to coordinate people 
from so many different libraries and countries was possible 
thanks to the confidence we have built in the SELL meetings and 
relations," said Mr. Anglada.

Claudine Xenidou-Dervou, Coordinator of the Steering Committee at 
HEAL-LINK and Bulent Karazozen, Chairman of ANKOS, commented on 
behalf of SELL: "For a number of years we wished to have access 
to full-text journals from many of the publishers involved in 
ALJC, but negotiating with every publisher separately seemed like 
an impossible task. The ALJC solved this by placing content from 
a wide range of publishers under a single license with a 
simplified pricing model--it is indeed a great initiative and we 
hope that more publishers will join. Moreover, we are very 
pleased that the ALJC is our first common agreement for the 
members of SELL.  We believe that all members of the individual 
consortia (ANKOS, HEAL-Link, CBUC) participating in SELL will 
benefit greatly from this agreement.

Arie Jongejan, CEO of Swets, adds: "We are delighted to welcome 
SELL to our expanding list of ALJC customers. Swets firmly 
believes in the importance of creating products and service 
solutions that adapt to the varying needs of our customers. Our 
unique and exclusive partnership with ALPSP allows us to help a 
significant number of consortia customers gain access to a 
substantial collection of valuable electronic journals that they 
would be unable to subscribe to otherwise."

About the ALJC
The ALJC (www.alpsp-collection.org) is an initiative in which 
smaller member publishers of the Association of Learned and 
Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) work together, through 
Swets, to sell a combined package of their journals to consortia 
and other large customers. Now entering its fourth year in the 
market, the ALJC provides a unique and straightforward way for 
libraries and consortia to acquire content from 48 highly 
regarded publishers from a single source. With a total of 627 
titles making up the full set and the availability of nine new 
subject-specific collections, the 2007 ALJC offers a wealth of 
high quality electronic content in an affordable, direct and 
flexible manner.

About Swets
Swets is the world's leading subscription services company. We 
build on more than 100 years of experience to maximize the return 
on investments in time and money for clients and publishers in 
today's complex information marketplace. With clients in over 160 
countries and more than twenty offices around the world, Swets is 
a true "long tail" power that provides the most comprehensive and 
sophisticated e-commerce platform currently available in its 
field. Swets has been included in E-Content Magazine's "100 
companies that matter most in the Digital Content Industry" for 
the past two years and appeared at number 95 in FEM Business' 
"Top 500 Companies in The Netherlands" in 2006. We are the only 
subscription services company that is ISO 9001:2000 certified on 
a global basis--a testament to our stringent operation and client 
service procedures. Swets has been the exclusive sales partner of 
the ALJC since winning the tender to represent the collection in 

About SELL
The SELL consortium (http://www.heal-link.gr/SELL/) was created 
in an effort to bring together libraries from Southern European 
Countries. Its main purpose is to serve as a forum for the 
discussion of issues related to electronic publishing and 
consortia.  It also aims to promote the special requirements of 
its members to information aggregators, to draw common policies 
towards information acquirement and provision, and to support 
other fields of collaboration.

The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers 
(ALPSP) was formed in 1972 - today it is the only international 
trade association representing all types of non-profit 
publishers, as well as the largest trade association for 
scholarly and professional publishers. Its members publish 
approximately 10,000 journals worldwide, as well as books, 
databases and other products and services. ALPSP's mission is to 
play an active part in shaping the future of academic and 
professional communication. The ALPSP Learned Journals Collection 
(ALJC) is the most important of ALPSP's range of collaborative 
initiatives for members.

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