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Re: University of Chicago journals [Responses]

Hi Ann,

Will you please post this comment to the thread "University of Chicago
journals [Responses]" from Thu, 1 Mar 2007?

Thank you.

All the best,
Suzanne Wu


We take your concerns very seriously and are contacting everyone 
in this thread personally to discuss these issues further. As one 
of the oldest and largest non-profit university publishers, we 
are constantly seeking best practices that balance our commitment 
to the availability of scholarship with our responsibility for 
the future of the press. The enterprise-wide model is intended to 
introduce more equitable, tiered pricing for unlimited access, 
including classroom use and multi-site. For those institutions 
where usage of any given journal does not justify an 
enterprise-wide license, we have introduced a single-concurrency 
subscription, with rates that are still among the lowest in the 
industry. Some of these low rates are subsidized, and any 
surpluses are reinvested into the scholarly community and 
technological upgrades.

In May we will launch Chicago Journals Online using the Atypon 
Premium platform. Later this year we plan to enrich our online 
offering with as much archival content as we can procure, going 
back to volume 1:1 in most cases, included at no additional 
charge in all electronic subscriptions. We hope that the relative 
cost of access for all will not lead to the choice to provide 
access for none. I encourage everyone with any comments or 
suggestions to contact me directly at (773)702-8785 or e-mail me 
at ngupta@press.uchicago.edu.


Journals Division Manager
The University of Chicago Press