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Wiley-Blackwell and ICA First to Provide Translated Journal Article Abstracts

Media Contact:
Ginny Foley

Wiley-Blackwell and ICA First to Provide Translated Journal 
Article Abstracts

Hoboken, New Jersey, February 28, 2007-Wiley-Blackwell and the 
International Communication Association (ICA) announced today 
that journal article abstracts for ICA's four journals will be 
available online in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, as 
well as English beginning with the first issues of 2007.  The 
ICA's journals are the first in the field of communication to 
offer this service to its readers.

Wiley-Blackwell will launch the ICA translation initiative with 
the January issue of Human Communication Research at 

  "The International Communication Association is dedicated to 
disseminating the results of human communication research to the 
widest possible audience.  The translated journal article 
abstracts will provide non-native English-speaking researchers 
and academic scholars greater access to communication studies 
content and as a result, will encourage continued international 
contribution to the communication studies research record," said 
Michael L. Haley, Ph.D., CAE and Executive Director, 
International Communication Association.

The ICA is a multinational organization that serves over 4,000 
members and has been promoting and supporting the scholarly study 
of communications for over 50 years.  Offering translated 
abstracts aligns with the associations' appreciation of the wide 
professional and geographical distribution of its membership. 
For individuals whose first language is not English, the 
translations will allow for a quicker assessment as to whether an 
article is of sufficient interest to have it translated or expend 
the additional effort to read the original in English.  Other ICA 
journals providing translated journal article abstracts online 
include the Journal of Communication, Communication Theory, and 
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.

"Wiley-Blackwell is proud to support the ICA's endeavors to 
engage the scholarly community and broaden the international 
communication research dialogue," noted Otis Dean, Journals 
Publishing Director, Americas, Wiley-Blackwell. "Our global reach 
also means an extensive readership to further benefit ICA 
members' increasing international presence."

About International Communication Association
The International Communication Association was formed in 1950 
bringing together academicians and other professionals whose 
interest focused on human communication.  The Association 
maintains an active membership of more than 4,000 individuals of 
which some two-thirds are teaching and conducting research in 
colleges, universities and schools around the world. Other 
members are in government, the media, communication technology, 
business law, medicine and other professions.  Through its 
Divisions and Interest Groups, publications, annual conferences, 
and its relations with other associations around the world, ICA 
promotes the systematic study of communication theories, 
processes and skills.  For more details on the ICA, visit 

About Wiley-Blackwell
Wiley-Blackwell was formed in February 2007 as a result of the 
merger between Blackwell Publishing Ltd. and John Wiley & Sons, 
Inc.'s Scientific, Technical, and Medical business. Together, the 
companies have created a global publishing business with deep 
strength in every major academic and professional field. Wiley 
Blackwell publishes approximately 1,250 scholarly peer-reviewed 
journals and an extensive collection of books with global appeal. 
For more information on Wiley-Blackwell, please visit 
http://www.blackwellpublishing.com or 

About Wiley
Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. provides must-have 
content and services to customers worldwide. Wiley's core 
businesses include scientific, technical and medical journals, 
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educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students and 
lifelong learners. Wiley has publishing, marketing and 
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Australia. Wiley's European operations are based in Chichester, 
U.K. The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under 
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