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Origins Network


I've been receiving the list for a while now and wanted to alert 
the readers to our site now that we're offering a library 
programme. Full details below - please check out the site at 
www.originsnetwork.com and also www.burkes-peerage.net

Please contact me for further details.


Jane Hewitt

The Origins Network (www.originsnetwork.com), specialists in 
British and Irish genealogy, has recently launched its Library 
programme, offering access to libraries and institutions.

The Origins Network offers online access to some of the richest 
family history information available, working in partnership with 
leading archives and genealogical societies in the UK and 
Ireland. These include the Society of Genealogists, National 
Library of Ireland, Eneclann and The Borthwick Institute.

The data on The Origins Network, ranging from the 20th to the 
13th century and mostly available nowhere else, includes 1841 and 
1871 England and Wales census records, indexes to parish 
registers, wills, apprenticeship records, court records, property 
records, and much more.

Prices for libraries start from as little as =A3200 (around $390 
USD) per year and full information can be found here: 
http://www.originsnetwork.com/libraries-prog.aspx Access can be 
set up quickly - we will require your IP ranges and a contact 
name for registering as the administrator.

For more information, please contact me at jane@origins.net or
020  76814046