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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. renews technology partnership with Atypon Systems, Inc.

The below Atypon news may be of interest to Lib License Readers

NEW ROCHELLE, New York and SANTA CLARA, California - January 12, 
2007 - Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. announced today that it has 
extended its electronic publishing partnership with Atypon 
Systems, Inc. for a further five years. Under the new contract, 
Atypon (www.atypon.com) will work with Mary Ann Liebert 
(www.liebertpub.com) as trusted technology partner, until 2011. 
Atypon will continue to undertake the supply, development and 
maintenance of Mary Ann Liebert's online content delivery 

Tom Mulak, VP of Operations of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. said: 
"Atypon consistently provides us with the technology solutions 
and innovations that our cutting-edge publications require.  The 
Atypon Premium platform delivers high quality content that meets 
the ever-evolving expectations of our users."

Martin Marlow, VP of Sales and Marketing of Atypon Systems said: 
"Mary Ann Liebert is experiencing significant growth, the 
recognition that Atypon Premium will be the best possible 
solution to sustain this is testament to our position as a proven 
technology partner for publishing organizations needing a 
scalable and robust platform."

About Atypon

Since 1996, Atypon Systems, Inc. has provided software, hosting, 
and systems development to the information industry, allowing 
publishers to grow their business by providing superior 
technology and service that supports the electronic exchange of 
scholarly information. Atypon's solutions include Atypon Premium, 
a complete e-publishing solution for publishers who wish to 
manage the entire process of delivering and managing their 
content online, and Atypon Link, a cost effective, aggregated 
hosting platform for publishers who require a well managed, 
outsourced e-publishing service. For further information please 
visit www.atypon.com

About Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers

Founded in 1980, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is universally 
acknowledged for publishing authoritative peer-reviewed journals, 
books, and trade magazines in the most promising areas of 
biotechnology, biomedical research/life sciences, clinical 
medicine and surgery, and law.

For further information, please contact:
Nash Pal
Strategic Marketing Manager
Atypon Systems, Inc.
Tel: +44 (0) 870 350 2032
Email: npal@atypon.com

Tom Mulak
Vice President of Operations
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers