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Submission term prolonged until February 15

Global Access to Science - Scientific Publishing for the Future 

The Program Committee invites proposals for papers and posters 
for the 2007 Annual IATUL Conference, which will be held in 
Stockholm from 11-14 June.

Science publishing is rapidly changing due to the introduction of 
advanced electronic media which give new dimensions to the 
world-wide access to scientific results. How research is 
undertaken, is also changing, with the rapid development of newly 
established areas such as E-science. The scholarly communication 
of the future will be heavily influenced by the initiatives taken 
by universities and information providers of today. Scholars all 
over the world are engaged in this process and traditional 
peer-reviewed publishing is being transformed in the light of 
different forms of Open Access. National programs are being set 
up to support initiatives and actions to find ways of 
facilitating free online access to government funded research.

The conference will discuss Global Access to Science - Scientific 
Publishing for the Futute. The theme is subdivided into five 
topics. We try to give examples of the subjects we expect your 
contributions to cover:

A.  The emergence/development of new tools and services for 
employing and managing the ever increasing Sci Tech Information 
(Semantic web, E-science, Data-/Textmining)

B.  Public access to publicly-funded research (National 
Programmes for Open Access, Place of Repositories in the New Sci 
Tech Information Infrastructure, Long Term Access and Digital 

C.  (The need for) New metrics for assessing the 
importance/impact of research findings/results/publications

D.  The Economics of Scholarly Journals in the new Journal 
Environment. (New Open Access models; Hybrid Journals; Impact on 
Big Deal Pricing; Handling of Publication Charges; Experiences of 
Open Access/Hybrid Journal Publishers; Investigation of Author 

E.  Bridging the gap in dissemination of and access to 
information (initiatives to overcome obstacles in promoting and 
disseminating Sci Tech Information from outside Europe and North 
America, initiatives to promote free access to Sci Tech 
Information for the developing world)

Important Dates

     * February 15, 2007 Abstracts of papers and posters due to
 	Program Committee.
     * March 1, 2007 Notification of acceptance.
     * April 25, 2007 Completed papers due to Program Committee.

Contributed Papers

Papers may report the results of completed research, describe 
research in progress, or present a position on an issue related 
to the conference themes.

Paper proposals should consist of the following:
     * Title;
     * Main topic/key term;
     * Author name;
     * Affiliation;
     * Contacts (including e-mail and/or web address).
     * Abstract that should be about 300 words

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of these abstracts.

The deadline for submission is February 15, 2007; authors will be 
notified of acceptance in March 2007.

Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend the conference 
and will be given 20 minutes to present their papers within a 
30-minute time slot. Papers will be published on the IATUL web 
site and in the IATUL Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM.

The deadline for submission of completed papers is April 25, 2007.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are informal presentations featuring successful 
solutions to problems and innovative library-based projects with 
important lessons for the academic and research library 
community. Posters may use graphics, tables, or charts, but must 
not exceed the space of 1200x840 mm.

Lap top computers and visual display devices may be used if the 
presenter provides them. These interactive sessions will be 
scheduled in a single time block during which the presenter 
should be prepared to repeat the presentation several times. Each 
presentation should last about ten minutes including time for 
questions from the audience. Abstracts of poster sessions may be 
published on the IATUL web site. Authors should submit a Proposal 
for Papers or Poster, including an abstract not exceeding an A4 
page. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of these 

The deadline for submission is February 15, 2007 ; authors will 
be notified of acceptance in March 2007.

Selection Criteria

The Program Committee will evaluate the content of abstracts for 
relevance to the conference themes, clarity, originality, and 

Please submit your proposal for paper/poster by filling the 
registration form at IATUL 2007 web site


or send it by e-mail to: annakarin.forsberg@lib.kth.se

or by post to:

Anna-Karin Forsberg
Royal Insitute  of Technology  Library
Osquars backe 25