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Re: Is OA (Gold) really a desirable goal for scientific journal publishing?

Just a real short reply this time! I agree with you about CERN and don't disagree that some "redirection" will occur. However, isn't it also quite possible that, having been constrained for so many years from buying books because of high journal prices, librarians may actually want to spend more on books again and go back to the days when they spent 60-70% of their budgets on books and 30-40% on journals--especially if books do not go digital in the same OA (green) way that you propose for journal articles?

Let's hear what the librarians have to say about this possibility. (Of course, I'll get depressed if they say we'll never go back to those "good old days"--and I do realize that there will still be lots of electronic materials to purchase, as there was not thirty years ago.)

Sandy Thatcher
Penn State University Press

[There is an ongoing discussion on the American Scientist Open Access Forum on the question of whether CERN's push for OA (Gold) publishing in its area will divert funds from research. The initial posting


is not by me, Stevan Harnad, but by my brother, John Harnad,
a physicist. Although I followed the posting with a critique


on some points of detail, I want to stress that I am in basic
agreement with the gist of John Harnad's point that a hasty
CERN-led forced conversion to OA (Gold) Publishing in (part or
all of) physics at this time is likely to cost more, is likely to
divert funds from research, and should be deferred in favor of
expanding the practice of OA (Green) Self-Archiving and parallel
co-existence. -- SH ]