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Re: Decision making by Libraries on serials and monographs and useage (re puzzled by self-archiving thread)

This looks to me like fantastically good value

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Subject: Decision making by Libraries on serials and monographs and useage
(re puzzled by self-archiving thread)

With reference to the recent emails, the list might be interested
in the following figures extracted from the 2006 DEST funded
study, Houghton, John and Steele, Colin and Sheehan, Peter (2006)
'Research communication costs in Australia : Emerging
opportunities and benefits'. Centre for Strategic Economic
Studies, Victoria University, Melbourne.

"Those Australian university libraries reporting to CAUL reported
total expenditure of almost AUD 500 million during 2004, of which
AUD 182 million was spent on content acquisition - AUD 125
million on serials and AUD 56 million on non-serials. In 2004,
total acquisition expenditures amounted to around AUD 5,180 per
FTE academic staff. On a per item basis, access to serials titles
cost an average AUD 76 each, while non-serial items cost an
average AUD 60.

Based on averages derived from an analysis of almost 5,000
journal titles, the implied cost of providing higher education
access per journal article under CAUL subscriptions was less than
AUD 1 (i.e. 63 cents). However, it should be noted that this
estimate is no more than approximate because not all serial items
are journals and some of the articles included within the
subscription packages may be open access (i.e. free within the

The cost per download for a sample of seven of the larger
publishers' packages subscribed to through CAUL during 2005
ranged from a low of around AUD 1.24 to a high of AUD 10.11
(weighted mean AUD 3.60, unweighted mean AUD 4.49).  These
compare with the mean costs per download across four major
publishers reported from a sample of UK academic research
libraries of AUD 3.25 to AUD 7.30 (unweighted mean AUD 5.00)
(Woodward and Conyers 2005).

Table 3.3 Implied download costs for CAUL subscription packages,

        Downloads(Full Text, 2005)      Cost Per Download(AUD)
Publisher A     172,353 9.02
Publisher B     234,082 10.11
Publisher C     339,282 1.24
Publisher D     555,148 2.07
Publisher E     1,067,069       5.31
Publisher F     1,046,072       1.53
Publisher G     323,543 2.16

Mean of packages                4.49

Weighted mean of downloads              3.60

Note: These publishers account for around half CAUL libraries'
serials expenditure. Not all parties to the consortia are
Australian higher education institutions. Source: CAUL (Council
of Australian University Librarians)