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RE: puzzled by self-archiving thread

>Eventually, we have to pick subscriptions to cancel.  If we 
>don't make our cancellation decisions based on usage and cost, 
>what criteria should we use?  I don't ask that question 
>facetiously -- I'd be honestly interested to know, from a 
>publisher's perspective, what other criteria _would_ make sense.

Rick, we are never happy with simple algorithms around here. No, 
the STM journal world is a complicated place. We not only 
consider use and cost, but impact factors as well. When looking 
at 8,000 in-scope journals which are critical to the research, 
education, and clinical care activities in the biomedical 
environment this library serves, finding titles to cut becomes a 
dangerous activity. So, we gather as much ammunition as we can 
before making those cancellation lists public. Having open access 
journals of high quality now helps ease the pain a bit, but each 
year is more of a nightmare--cut journals? Stop buying books? 
Pray the journal price increase will not exceed 5%? What about 

Impact factors may not have the "impact" they once did, but they 
are still useful pieces of the overall data picture I have to 
present to faculty and biomedical researchers, who understand 

Happy New Year to all on this wonderful list!!

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