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Registration now open for OAI5

Registration is now open for OAI5 - the 5th Workshop on 
Innovations in Scholarly Communication at CERN in Geneva, 
Switzerland, which will take place from 18th - 20th April 2007.

Please use the conference website to register and, if you wish, 
to submit a poster abstract: http://cern.ch/oai5

The OAI series of workshops is one of the biggest international 
meetings of technical repository-developers, library Open Access 
policy formulators, and the funders and researchers that they 
serve. The programme contains a mix of practical tutorials given 
by experts in the field, presentations from cutting-edge projects 
and research, posters from the community, breakout discussion 
groups, and an intense social programme which has helped to build 
a strong network amongst previous participants. The event is 
almost unique in bringing together these scholarly communication 
communities and is proud to continue this tradition with the OAI5 
workshop in 2007.

Note for regular participants: the workshop will now fall 
Wednesday to Friday and NOT Thursday to Saturday as previously. 
Also, payment of fees covering participation, social events and 
meals (optional) is required in advance of the workshop - please 
contact the organising committee in case of questions or 

Further programme details will be announced soon.

We look forward to seeing many of you at CERN in 2007.
Thomas Krichel, on behalf of the OAI5 Committee.