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Duke University Press participates in INASP's PERI initiative

For immediate release:
December 15, 2006

For more information:
Kimberly Steinle, Duke University Press Library Relations Manager

Duke University Press participates in INASP's PERI initiative to provide online journals content to the developing world.

Duke University Press is pleased to announce its support of the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications' (INASP) Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI), an initiative dedicated to increasing access to knowledge in the developing world. Beginning in 2007, all Duke University Press journals content will be made available online at heavily subsidized rates to selected institutions in the developing world that meet INASP qualifications for participation.

"We are thrilled to welcome Duke University Press to the growing number of publishers who support access to information for developing and transitional countries via the PERI program," said Lucy Barton, head of information delivery at INASP. "There is an increased recognition of the vital role that information and knowledge can play in development. The cooperation we have with publishers and our international network of partners means sustainable routes to research materials continue to be established."

"PERI's commitment to the dissemination of knowledge in the developing world is a natural extension of our mission as a university press," stated Kimberly Steinle, Duke University Press library relations manager. "We are proud to participate in PERI by offering online access to Duke journals at greatly reduced rates to developing countries."


An international nonprofit development charity with programs dedicated to capacity building in the research sector of developing and transitional countries, INASP has been establishing access to information and providing support and training to the developing world since 1999. One of its many programs, PERI supports research by facilitating access to global information and supporting publication of in-country research findings. It also provides information skills training for researchers, practitioners, librarians, and publishers.

About Duke University Press

Duke University Press publishes approximately 100 books annually and more than 30 periodicals in a wide range of disciplines within the humanities and sciences. We are proud to be a leading publisher in the fields of cultural theory and cultural studies. The press also offers the e-Duke Scholarly Collection, a set of 29 humanities and social science journals hosted online by HighWire Press.

For further information about PERI and other INASP programs, please visit www.inasp.info. For further information about Duke University Press journals and the press's involvement in PERI, please visit www.dukeupress.edu/library.