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Re: Study Identifies Factors That Could Lead to Cancelled Subscriptions

There's another study, in less depth but covering some additional questions (such as how much of the content would need to be free) from ALPSP - see http://www.alpsp.org/publications/pub12.htm

Between the two, we do seem to have strong pointers to the likely dangers to subscription journals once self-archiving reaches critical mass (which may vary between disciplines, and even between journals)
What is most interesting to me, comparing these two studies, is that they disagree sharply about the apparent value accorded to the "value added" by publishers through copyediting, etc. How does one explain this disparity?

It seems to me that we need to make research funders, governments etc very clearly aware of this danger
And that is precisely the purpose of the AAUP white paper in progress, which extends the warning beyond journals to monographs as well, even though they are not the subject of the current controversy.

Sandy Thatcher, Penn State University

Sally Morris, Chief Executive
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
Email: sally.morris@alpsp.org
Website:  www.alpsp.org