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Social History Society places 'Cultural and Social History' with Berg

**with apologies for cross-posting**

Starting in 2007, the Social History Society has placed its 
journal Cultural and Social History (ISSN: 1478-0038, e-ISSN: 
1478-0046) with BERG Publishers.

Cultural & Social History is the quarterly, peer-reviewed journal 
of the Social History Society. Launched in 2004, the journal is 
committed to furthering the dialogue between social and cultural 
historians. As part of the new partnership, Berg will redesign 
the journal, which will continue to be available online through 
Ingenta. Institutional subscription options will include Print + 
Online as well as Online only. The journal's homepage (currently 
being updated) is 

About The Social History Society

The Social History Society was founded in 1976 to encourage the 
study of the history of society and cultures by teaching, 
research, publication and other appropriate means. Since then it 
has acted to represent the interests of social and cultural 
history and of social and cultural historians both within higher 
education and in the wider community. The society is based in the 
UK but is concerned with history internationally. A chief aim of 
the SHS-Berg partnership will be the further development of a 
global influence within the discipline.

About Berg http://www.bergpublishers.com/

Berg is an independent international publisher of books and 
journals in the social sciences and humanities. The company has a 
particularly strong emphasis on interdisciplinary work and a 
growing journals program. Berg has won many awards, including the 
BIC Gold Award for Data Excellence, and is a member of CrossRef. 
Journals are distributed through Turpin Distribution. Berg offers 
reduced rates for bundled subscriptions 
http://www.bergpublishers.com/us/journals.htm. For additional 
information please contact Corina Kapinos 

Kathryn Earle
Managing Director
Berg Publishers
1st Floor, Angel Court
81 St Clements Street
Oxford OX4 1AW
Tel (direct): +44 (0) 1865-254888
Tel (general): +44 (0) 1865-245104
Fax: +44 (0) 1865-791165


Starting in 2007 BERG is the new publisher of:

ANTHROZOOS: A Multidisciplinary Journal of the Interactions of 
People and Animals, and

CULTURAL AND SOCIAL HISTORY: The Journal of the Social History Society

See www.bergpublishers.com for more information.