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RE: Access to databases for retired faculty and staff?

In my institution (large, corporate library), the majority of our 
e-journals were authenticated by IP address.  Since retirees do 
not have network access, they were precluded from accessing our 
electronic content.  They were, however, welcome to use the print 
resources of the library.

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One thing we've done at Penn State recently is to successfully
license access to the ProQuest databases for paid members of the
Alumni Association, but we don't have any current arrangements
for retired faculty or staff.

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Subject: Access to databases for retired faculty and staff?
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> Our institution is exploring the possibility of negotiating for
> database access for our retired faculty/staff. Those of you
> that have asked for it, have publishers generally allowed
> retiree access?
> Many thanks in advance for your help.
> Paivi Rentz
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> Alkek Library
> Texas State University - San Marcos