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Legal Review of Contracts

I have been the contract manager for a corporate library for a 
number of years.  I am required to have legal review for every 
document requiring a signature or containing legal terms.  One 
unfortunate result of this is that my small-dollar contracts 
often end up waiting a long time for review because they are low 
priority.  I suspect that our rules are more stringent that those 
in most organizations and I would like to provide some evidence 
to my management to bolster my case that my Library needs more 
autonomy in reviewing and signing contracts and license 
agreements. To that end, I'd appreciate any feedback that 
list-members can supply to the following questions.

Can contracts be reviewed by you or your library management 
without the need to involve an attorney?

Does the library review contracts up to a specific dollar amount, above
which review must be handled by a lawyer?

If a contract for a new service is reviewed by a lawyer and 
purchased for your institution, are you required to have a lawyer 
review renewals, even if the renewal document only changes the 
term of the agreement and the pricing?

Should anyone wish to contact me off-list, please do so.  If 
there is sufficient response I will summarize for the list.


Marianne Cirrito
Senior Manager, Library Operations
Purdue Pharma, LP
Stamford, CT 06901
(203) 588-8498