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International Society for Anthrozoology places Anthrozoos with

Berg Publishers
Date: Fri,  8 Dec 2006 17:40:32 EST
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Starting in 2007, the International Society for the Study of 
Anthrozoology (ISAZ) has placed its journal 'Anthrozoos: A 
Multidisciplinary Journal of the Interactions of People and 
Animals' (ISSN 0892-7936) with BERG Publishers.

Anthrozoos is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal with a 
distinguished history as a pioneer in the field of human-animal 
relations. It is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. To 
celebrate the new partnership, Berg will be redesigning the 
journal and putting it online for the first time through Ingenta. 
Institutional subscription options will include Print + Online as 
well as Online only. The homepage is 

Please note that if you have already renewed your subscription 
for 2007 and it is not through one of the agents, you should 
contact Corina Kapinos as soon as possible 
<ckapinos@bergpublishers.com> to ensure we have all your details.

About ISAZ http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/CCAB/isaz.htm

The International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) was formed in 
1991 as a supportive organization for the scientific and 
scholarly study of human-animal interactions. ISAZ is a 
nonprofit, nonpolitical organization with a worldwide, 
multi-disciplinary membership of students, scholars and 
interested professionals. Reflecting the Society's 
multi-disciplinary character, these meetings have ranged across a 
wide variety of topics including: Attitudes to animals; Companion 
animal behavior and welfare; Anthrozoological research methods; 
Medical and social consequences of human-animal interaction; 
History and sociology of human-animal interactions; Gender 
effects on human-animal interaction.

About Berg http://www.bergpublishers.com/

Berg is an independent international publisher of books and 
journals in the social sciences and humanities. The company has a 
particularly strong emphasis on interdisciplinary work and a 
growing journals program. Berg has won many awards, including the 
BIC Gold Award for Data Excellence, and is a member of CrossRef. 
Journals are distributed through Turpin Distribution. Berg offers 
reduced rates for bundled subscriptions 
<http://www.bergpublishers.com/us/journals.htm>. For additional 
information please contact Corina Kapinos