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Press release: Announcing the launch of Chemistry Central

With apologies for cross-posting. We hope that this will be of 
interest to the list.

Kind regards

Grace Baynes
BioMed Central/Chemistry Central

Press Release: 22 August 2006

A new home for open access chemistry research

Chemistry Central, launched today at www.chemistrycentral.com, is 
a new open access website for chemists. It brings together 
peer-reviewed research in chemistry from a range of open access 
journals. All the original research articles on Chemistry Central 
are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately 
upon publication.

Chemistry Central has been developed by the same team who created 
BioMed Central, the leading biomedical open access publisher.

Bryan Vickery, Deputy Publisher at BioMed Central and a chemist 
by training, says "We have seen increasing interest from chemists 
in the open access publishing model and, having launched two 
chemistry-specific titles in the last 18 months, the time seemed 
right for BioMed Central to create an open access publishing 
website to meet the needs of chemists."

Chemistry Central features open access articles from Geochemical 
Transactions, the online journal of the American Chemical 
Society's Division of Geochemistry, and from the Beilstein 
Journal of Organic Chemistry, which is published by the Beilstein 
Institut in association with BioMed Central. Chemistry Central 
also features chemistry-related articles published in BioMed 
Central's biological and medical journals, including BMC 
Pharmacology, BMC Biochemistry and BMC Chemical Biology.

Journals featured on Chemistry Central incorporate special 
features to make them suitable for chemistry-related content. For 
example, authors can submit their figures as ChemDraw or ISISDraw 
files, and see an instant thumbnail preview showing how the web 
version of the figure will appear. Articles published in the 
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry also incorporate a 
graphical abstract on the table of contents and search results 
pages, providing a quick visual summary the research reported in 
the article.

As well as viewing the latest research highlights and content 
from featured journals, users of Chemistry Central can discuss 
articles, submit manuscripts, sign up for email alerts and find 
out more about starting a new open access chemistry journal or 
transferring an existing title to the Chemistry Central open 
access model.

Today's launch of Chemistry Central is just a preview of what is 
to come. Further open access chemistry journals will be launched 
in the near future, including Chemistry Central Journal, which 
will cover all areas of chemistry, broken down into 
discipline-specific sections. Chemists who wish to support open 
access to published research by playing an editorial role on this 
major new journal should contact editorial@chemistrycentral.com.

Chemistry Central is part of the Open Access Central 
(www.openaccesscentral.com) family of sites, announced today by 
Science Navigation Group (press release available at 

Press contacts:
Grace Baynes for Chemistry Central
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7631 9988
Email: press@chemistrycentral.com